DTMES 2022 - Presentation

Electrical Design of Advanced Packaging in Computing Systems
Dale Becker, IBM Corporation, Poughkeepsie, NY

Abstract - The electrical design of computer systems, which is often called signal integrity and power integrity, is a cross-discipline engineering effort essential to reliable operation of complex systems. Currently, the advancement of systems, integration of special processor cores and accelerators, and the realities of scaling silicon technology has created a challenge as well as a great opportunity for the electrical packaging engineer. The scope of this effort leads to advancing existing design practices to include co-design of chips and packages, multi-physics analysis with thermal-electrical analysis. Machine learning concepts are being developed to address the large amount of data and information available to design systems. This presentation will give background on the development of electrical techniques, tools, and methodologies applied to the design of systems and interesting research that needs to be pursued.

Dr. Dale Becker Dr. Dale Becker is the Chief Engineer of Electronic Packaging Integration in IBM Systems, Poughkeepsie, NY. He is responsible for system packaging architecture of IBM Power Systems and System Z including the design of high-speed channels to enable the computer system performance and the power distribution networks. He currently chairs the IEEE EPS Technical Committee on Electrical Modeling, Design, and Simulation and is a Senior Area Editor for the Transactions on CPMT. Dale co-chairs the HIR High-Performance Computing & Data Center Technical Working Group. He is a Technical Committee member for iNEMI. He has been elected an IEEE Fellow..