Mission Statement of DTMES

The Design and Technology of Modern Electronic Systems is (DTMES) is established with an intention of creating and boosting research in the areas of electronic design of device, chip, package, and system in Ethiopia and in the continent of Africa. Despite the huge potential of the region, there has been few, or close to none, annual IEEE activities in the region. In the past two decades, the region has produced numerous numbers of Electrical and Computer Engineering graduates that have been introduced into the system following the expansion of existing universities across the continent. Unfortunately, these engineers do not have access to the worldwide pool of engineers and companies while at the same time the international community could not benefit from their considerable potential. DTMES is determined to close this gap by providing the much-needed bridging between the two. Thus, DTMES will serve as the flagship event in the region and will serve as a flagship event in Africa. In addition, DTMES also aims to become a meaningful backup to the digital technology assisted economic growth strategy being implemented in the region. This makes perfect sense when taking into account that electronic devices and packaging are actually the backbone of today's any digital technology systems. DTMES is sponsored by the IEEE Electronic Packaging Society.