DTMES 2022 - Presentation

History of Semiconductor Packaging and Its Role in Modern Microelectronics Where to Go from Here?
Dr. Belgacem Haba, Senior Technical Fellow, Xperi

Abstract - 2021 is the 50th anniversary of the microprocessors. Semiconductor chip packaging was and still is an undeniably pivotal field in all the advancements of semiconductors and in the manufacturing, performance, and reliability of any electronic products in our lives. The chip started in the ten microns design rules and after decades of Moore's law the processing now is into the nanometer scale and so it is followed by the advancement and complexity of packaging. In today's pivotal moment, the semiconductor industry and thanks to amazing advances in chip direct bonding interconnects, we are seeing a paradigm shift where the chip making is moving from a 2D to a 3D structure. The implications are tremendous and the next 50 years of the impact of advanced packaging are just the beginning. In my talk, I will step through a quick historical evolution of semiconductor packaging and the latest technological advances and where we might go from here.

Dr. Belgacem Haba joined Xperi (previously Tessera) in 1996 and is now its Senior Technical Fellow and Vice President. Today he is heading the path finding team in its electronic R&D division. His latest activities include the development of 3D technologies for the evolution of microelectronics. Dr. Haba was with Google data center platform division as senior staff and before that he co-founded SiliconPipe Inc. in 2002, a high-speed interconnects Start-up company based in Silicon Valley that got acquired by Samsung. He also managed the advanced packaging R&D activities at Rambus. From 1988 to 1996, he worked for both the NEC Central Research Laboratories in Tokyo Japan and the IBM Watson Research Center in New York on the applications of lasers in microelectronics. In 1990, Dr. Haba spent a short time teaching at the University of Biskra, Algeria. Dr. Haba was born in 1957 in Algeria. He holds a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering in 1988 from Stanford University, California in the field of solar energy. He also obtained two master's degrees in applied physics and materials science and engineering from the same university. He received his bachelor's degree in physics from the University of USTHB, Algeria in 1980. Dr. Haba holds over 500 issued U.S. patents, and over 1600 patents and patent applications worldwide. He is listed among the top 100 most prolific inventors worldwide. In 2017 he opened the Haba Institute to help young entrepreneurs as well as co-founded a small university NIT in his home country Algeria. Dr. Haba was published and conferenced worldwide and was recognized on many occasions.