DTMES 2022 - Keynote Speech

Silicon systems for AR/VR: building bridges to tomorrow's connected society
Ron Ho, Director of Silicon Engineering, Meta, USA

Abstract - Today we live in uncertain and truly interesting times - most of us work from home and sit on video calls for hours at a time. Our children just emerged from a bubble of taking classes and socializing over Zoom. And we remain separated from our extended families by not only distance but also in some cases a 14-day quarantine. This new reality has made clear the fragility of personal contact, and it's also made clear how truly important such social connections are. At Meta's Reality Labs we see our work - building tools for bridging and connecting people - as increasingly fundamental to tomorrow's realities. But the technical challenges in enabling AR and VR are enormous. Many of them focus on computation, and these present exciting opportunities for innovative silicon. In this talk I will introduce some of these ideas and share some of our AR/VR vision.

Ron Ho; Since 2018 Ron has been Director of Silicon Engineering at Meta (formerly Facebook), working on custom hardware solutions for Augmented and Virtual Reality. Prior to joining Facebook he had spent over twenty-five years across Intel, Sun Microsystems/Oracle, and Altera/Intel; and Ron has worked on projects ranging from the 80486 & Pentium processors, to silicon photonics, to DRAM stacking, to big data accelerators, to 14 and 10nm FPGAs. Many moons ago he received a Ph.D. degree in EE from Stanford. At Meta, Ron has the privilege to work with a fantastic team of package, interconnect, power, test, and display designers to invent the future.