DTMES - Schedule - Feb 7

Addis Ababa
Local Time

Day 1

9:00 - 9:30 AM

(30') IEEE DTMES 2022
Welcome Remarks by : Conference Co-Chairs
(Dr. Wendem Tsegaye & Dr. Fetene Mulugeta)
AAiT Interim Executive Director, Dr. Bilkila
Dean of School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Bisrat
IEEE EPS President, sponsor society
IEEE EPS Santa Clara Society Chairperson
Prof. Derege Agonafer, UTA

9:30 - 10:00 AM

(30') Keynote Speech - Silicon systems for AR/VR: building bridges to tomorrow's connected society
Dr. Ron Ho
Director, Silicon Engineering at Meta

10:00-10:25 AM

(30') Thermal and Energy Management Challenges in Large-Scale, Sustainable Computing Systems
Prof. Dereje Agonafer
USA National Academy of Engineering Member,
University of Texas at Arlington

10:25-10:50 AM

(25') Resilient Innovations for Social Equity (RISE): Frugal Engineering for Technological Democratization and Competitiveness
Prof. Ajay P. Malshe
USA National Academy of Engineering Member,
Purdue University

10:50-10:55 AM

(5') Coffee Break

10:55 - 11:25 AM

(30') Knowledge Dissemination, Wealth Sharing, and Ways to Promote Equality
Prof. Weng Chew
USA National Academy of Engineering Member,
Purdue University

Dr. Ajay Poddar, and Dr. Anisha Apte
Synergy Microwave Corporation,
Paterson, NJ, USA

11:25-11:50 AM

(25') Challenges and Possibilities observed in Teaching Electronics Engineering in Ethiopian Universities (Case study: AAU-AAIT and BDU-BIT)
Associate Prof. Getachew Alemu

11:50-12:15 PM

(25') Microwave Measurements for Signal Integrity - An Affordable Approach
Prof. Jose Schutt-Aine
University of Illinois

12:15 - 1:15 PM

(60') Lunch


(30') Challenges in Compact Modelling and Characterization of Organic Material Transistors ,
Dr. Fetene Mulugeta

1:45 -2:15 PM

(30') Physics and modeling of Thin Film Transistors
Prof. Benjamin Iniguez Nicolau
University Rovira I Virgili (URV), Tarragona, SPAIN

2:15-2:45 PM

(30') Ultralow Power Transistors for Flexible Electronics
Prof. Arokia Nathan
University of Cambridge, UK

2:45 - 3:00 PM

(15') Coffee Break

3:00 -3:40 PM

(40') Electrical Design of Advanced Packaging in Computing Systems
Dr. Dale Becker
IBM Corp.

3:40 -4:10 PM

(30') Applications of AI and Machine Learning in Electrical&Computer Engineering
Dr. Andinet Enquobahire

4:10 - 4:50 PM

(40') Application of Machine Learning for the Design of Semiconductor Systems
Prof. Madhavan Swaminathan
Georgia Tech

4:50 - 5:00 PM

Lottery Drawing